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Opening a charge card or credit card takes a lot of time and paperwork. Then comes the dreadful waiting to find out whether or not you've been approved. OpenChargeCards.com understands the value of your time and we want to help you expediite the process.

Use our site to search for instant apporval credit card offers. Some of these credit card companies will allow you to apply over the phone or online and many of them can give you a response within minutes after your credit card application has been submitted.

Despite what many will have you believe, opening a credit card account is not the root of all evil. If used properly opening a charge card could be a lifesaver. It is not the credit card that is evil it is how the credit card is used that might turn something helpful into something dreadful.

Typical questions credit card customers have are:

  1. Is there really a best credit card to carry in your wallet or purse?  
  2. Are there such things as bad credit credit cards that you can apply for if you have really bad credit?  
  3. Are there any great charge card offers that you might qualify for?  
  4. How easy is it to apply for a credit card online?  

Regardless of the type of credit that you have, whether good or bad, or even if you have limited credit history and are looking to build up your credit history…applying for credit online is always a good option. It doesn’t mean that you will actually be approved for the credit card or charge card that you apply for, but nonetheless, applying online is a simple process that lets you get an answer much sooner.



Search for Instant Approval Credit Card Offers

Is there really a “best” credit card to carry? A good credit card is one that charges no you annual fees, possibly provides cash back on your purchases, charges you very low interest rates, provides you with excellent customer service, and includes lots of bells and whistles to boot. Obviously, not many credit cards are going to offer all of these benefits.


Many credit card suppliers and manufacturers are trying to reduce what their credit cards or charge cards are offering to you. They were trying to do this while charging you higher interest rates and higher late fees, while simultaneously reducing your credit limit. Thanks to the new credit laws that were passed by Congress to help protect credit card holders and make credit fee increases much more transparent, credit card holder have had an easing in the fees charged to them by credit card companies.


Instant approval credit card offers are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, and the fact that less paper is good for the environment just happens to be an added bonus. Saving the environment is something that should rank highly on all of our lists, and applying for credit card offers online not only save paper and save trees, but they help you save money by not needing envelopes or stamps. So, at the end of the day, everyone wins. Online applications for credit cards may actually help to keep your personal information safe by reducing the number of people that actually get to see your personal and confidential information.



If you have poor credit there are many options that are available to you. The most common type of credit cards for people with bad credit is a prepaid credit card or otherwise known as a secured credit card. Some examples of these types of credit cards are: AccountNow, Public Savings Bank Secured Visa Credit Card, Vision Premier Prepaid Visa, RushCard, and more. These Prepaid Visa or MasterCard credit cards give you the benefits of a checking account with a debit card for making purchases. With these types of prepaid credit cards, you don’t have to worry about carrying cash everywhere you go.


With a prepaid credit card/secured credit card, you don’t have to worry about keeping large sums of cash on your person at all times. This could potentially reduce your chances of being robbed. These types of secured credit cards allow you to avoid check cashing fees by being able to direct deposit your checks. While these secured credit cards will charge you a monthly maintenance fee, usually $10 per month, in the long run, it may end up saving you a lot of money from check cashing stores.


Applying for credit cards online is usually an easy process. Completing an online credit card application is a process that one would believe to be easier than completing the credit card application by hand. For one you don’t have to worry about crossing out mistakes or whether or not your handwriting will be legible. In the end, instant online applications or online credit card applications as a whole may help to prevent mistakes that are brought about by people with poor handwriting skills.


In summary, applying for credit card offers online line provides a lot of benefits and advantages. For one, online credit card applications are great for the environment. Saving trees will help to reduce the greenhouse effect and more trees are always better. Secondly, your response time is much quicker and some instant credit card applications can deliver you with a credit card approval or decline in a matter of minutes. Thirdly, it can save you money from not having to buy envelopes or stamps. So, the next time that you are considering applying for a credit card, do it online and use our search feature to help you search for great charge card and credit card offer that you might qualify for.